Business Conditions

BTC-save, s.r.o., Veľká okružná 17, 010 01 Žilina, IČO: 53 055 896

Registration for collection services of company BTC-save, s.r.o., Veľká Okružná 17, 010 01 Žilina, ID number: 53 055 896, (“BTC-save,”), you agree with the follow terms and conditions:


The Customer hereby authorizes to BTC-save for transfer some financial means, which Customer transfers to bank account of company BTC-save, on bitcoin (BTC) (next “Agreement”).

BTC-save ensures to save equivalent transfer means in BTC into bitcoin address of customer (owner of wallet).

The Agreement takes availability by transferring means into bank account of company BTC-save.

The Agreement is considered for concluded when BTC-save transfers the equivalent of BTC into customer´s wallet.

SERVICES BTC-save in generally


According to conditions of this Agreement, company BTC-save is obliged to transfer the equivalent of BTC to the wallet of subscriber. The customer accepts exchange rate of BTC at the time of conversion. The customer uses BTC-save for conversion, the crypto-trader made by company BTC-save. Crypto-trader created by company BTC-save, provides transfer of transferring means in BTC and also organises to realize deposit to customer´s wallet as soon as possible. Crypto-trader uses actual crypto markets, on which is going business with BTC. Crypto-trader created by company BTC-save, saves transferring means on BTC to Customer wallet.

Provision for buying of BTC is charged by company BTC-save in amount 3%. Customer has to pay charges for transaction needed for transfer BTC into his wallet. The amount of charge for transaction depends on using bitcoin network. The Company BTC-save provides transfer BTC into Customer wallet always for the lowest possible charges in time. Customer can´t denounce Agreement.


By using BTC-save, Customer accepts, that value of BTC can moved and doesn´t guarantee that value of BTC in customer´s wallet will increase in comparison of other currencies.

BTC-save doesn´t take any responsibility for any value fluctuations BTC in Customer´s wallet.


BTC-save doesn´t take any responsibility for financial loss of Customer´s wallet. Customer is responsible for access and using of won BTC wallet. Customer is always responsible for safety of own wallet.


BTC-save has to be in concert with valid financial laws and rules (“AML/KYC”). It can require from customer to give to company documents needed for identification of subscriber according to Law nb. 297/2008 Z.z about protection before legalisation of incomes from crime activity and protection against financial terrorism.

In case, that Customer refuses send required information, BTC-save can pause all services.

Please contact our AML Compliance Officer at


BTC-save will not provide any services if customer doesn´t transfer financial means on bank account of company BTC-save.

BTC-save doesn´t save any transferring means in BTC if charges for mining bitcoins are > 10% transferring means. In this case company BTC-save waits until customer transfers the next means or until costs for transaction will not under than 10%.

BTC-save has power to paused and stopped services if suspects from cheating or abusing of Agreement.


Subscriber gives approval with this conditionals and declares, that understand services of company BTC-save

Subscriber can give complaint agains business conditionals by sending e-mail on address of company BTC investigates complaint.

Customer will be informed about result of his/her complaint.

If one of regulations or part of them of these conditions will be broken, BTC states them for invalid, but other ones stay valid.

BTC-save will always have power to change these conditions, changes will be informed by publishing on web Changes gain efficiency by this publishing.


If you have any questions relating to these Terms of Use, your rights and obligations arising from these Terms and/or your use of the Site and the Service, your Account or any other matter, please, contact

BTC-save, s.r.o., Veľká okružná 17, 010 01 Žilina, IČO: 53 055 896